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Open Letter to City Council

Dear San Diego City Councilmembers:

As a resident of Little Italy along with my wife and daughter, I ask you to approve the Downtown Mobility Plan. You have the opportunity to make a monumental change to some of the most used public space in our city: the streets. For decades we’ve valued efficiency for single occupancy vehicles at the cost of all else: our personal health, safety, and the enjoyment of our public spaces. By returning a small bit of space to people instead of cars, you will help improve life for everyone now and in the coming decades.

A yes vote will help turn the tide against climate change, congestion, and absolute dependency on cars. The network of bike lanes will make it safe enough for women and children to ride. In combination with our already great weather, location, and amenities, the Downtown Mobility Plan will help San Diego catch up to world class cities like New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and London.

By narrowing or replacing traffic lanes with a bike lane and pushing parking away from the sidewalk, it’s going to have a calming affect on traffic and shorten the distance pedestrians have to cross the street. Safer sidewalks will invite residents and tourists alike, leading to spin-off revenue for nearby businesses. People already flock to Little Italy for their pleasant walkways, storefronts, plazas, and markets. This is why the Little Italy Association is willing to close several blocks to cars (including parking) on a weekly basis for the farmer’s market and soon permanently for Piazza Famiglia.

Protected bike lanes have been proven time and again to not only avoid negatively impacting businesses, but to be a net positive for the whole city. They will raise property values, attract hi-tech companies and their millennial employees, improve health and safety, and help the city achieve it’s Climate Action Plan and Vision Zero goals.

I’m looking forward to safely riding across downtown with my daughter to visit the library and one day sending her off to school on her bike, separated from traffic.

Thank you for your continued support of the Downtown Mobility Plan.


Concerned Resident,

Jordan Kohl

Posted June 20, 2016

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Written by Jordan Kohl who lives and works in San Diego building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter