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Open Letter to Councilmember Lorie Zapf

Dear Councilmember Zapf,

As a resident of Little Italy with my wife and daughter, I ask you to please fully support Downtown Mobility Plan proposed by Civic San Diego to help increase safety for current and future bicyclists and to help achieve Vision Zero in San Diego.

My family enjoys biking along the harbor on the separated path and wish the rest of downtown was as safe and accessible. The Downtown Mobility Plan will allow my family and millions of other residents and tourists to safely access the businesses and amenities of downtown via one of the most affordable, safest, healthiest, environmentally friendly, and just plain fun modes of transportation available: the bicycle.

Implementing the Downtown Mobility Plan aligns with the goals of the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee by helping increase the success of the Deco Bike bike share program, by reducing Green House Gas emissions to help meet the Climate Action Plan goals, and by making dense, transit oriented development more viable with realistic alternatives to private auto usage and ownership.

Please keep in mind that while any separated bike lanes downtown would be an improvement, the entire bike lane network should be approved in order to ensure it’s success. If the bike lanes are pushed out of neighborhoods, like my own Little Italy, it will reduce the effectiveness of the network as a whole. When the “last mile”, or even just the last 50 feet of a bicycle route forces people to mix with fast moving traffic or cross busy intersections to reach their destination, it discourages all but the most seasoned and brave cyclists, who will risk their lives with or without protected lanes.

Please help shape the right future for San Diego and vote for the Downtown Mobility Plan.


Concerned Resident,

Jordan Kohl

Posted April 22, 2016

Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities

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Written by Jordan Kohl who lives and works in San Diego building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter